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"The more you celebrate your life,
the more there is to celebrate."

- Oprah Winfrey


I'm Amanda! Your new go-to girl in town. I have a true passion for creating joy. I believe that our spaces should be something to celebrate. We all know that this is easier said than done...and that's why you've got me! I love helping busy fams make room for what matters through decluttering, organizing + styling.  I can also help you throw an awesome party to celebrate those life's biggest moments!

When I'm not celebrating your space, I'm probably celebrating my own! Born and raised Marylander. I married my middle school sweetheart in 2019. We have two kids who are the total opposite of each other so we cover all the bases. We rescued our pup from the streets of Puerto Rico. He's the best dog ever. Are you wondering if I can relate to the chaos? YEP. If I had to with 3 boys has likely attributed to my longing sense for organization. I've always been known for my taste in style and design. For years I've been the go-to girl for my friends and family so I've decided to expand my community. I'm happiest when my people are happy! Other things that make me happy are Impractical Jokers, chicken nuggets, neutral colors and rescue dogs!

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